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Cash Savings   Minimum Income for Uk Spouse Visa Eligibility   Uk Spouse Visa Financial Requirements

Can Your Savings Fulfil The Spouse Visa Financial Requirements?

Besides other necessary requirements for Spouse Visa, applicants under this process also have to provide their financial availability to the Home Office that will be able to fulfil Spouse Visa Financial Requirements. The reason behind this is to assure that the applicant and the partner will not need any public funds to stay in the UK.

How Much Money Is Required To Meet Financial Requirements?

Applicants applying for the Spouse Visa are required to meet financial requirements. The minimum amount which is required to fulfil is £62,500 and should be in the applicant’s or partner’s account for at least 6 months.

However, if children are also associated with the application, the amount for financial requirements will be automatically increased.

The amount deposited by the applicant or partner in the account can be taken from any legal source, either from your savings or gifts from any friend, or family member, but these funds should not be borrowed from any other place.

Also, you must be able to withdraw the savings right away, so they cannot be held in an account that requires a notice of the intention to withdraw.

In some cases, applicants willing to combine both their salary & savings need to understand the requirement more deeply as it’s a little bit complicated.

In addition to a fixed amount of £16,000, they would need additional savings of 2.5 times the difference between the required amount and their actual gross income. For example, if someone earns a gross annual income of £15,000, the requisite total savings would be £25,000 ((£18,600 – £15,000) x 2.5 + £16,000).

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