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Australia’s Permanent Visa Processing Backlog Continues

In our blog update for today, we’ll be discussing Australia’s necessity to improve their visa permanent processing.

The Albanese government has expressed that processing the visa application backlog is an “urgent priority”, with individuals expecting permanent visas for years pleading for assurance.

Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Andrew Giles stated in June that the department was tackling many older cases but remarked that downsizing the backlog overnight is impossible.

Giles stated that in June 2022, the number of applications received was 6.5 per cent above May 2022. During the same period, there was an increment of 10.6 per cent in the finalised applications. He added that immigration was devalued by the former government, especially with the backlog for visa applications rising to almost 1,000,000 on their watch.

He said that the Albanese government is committed to reducing the backlog and restoring the significance of the immigration process of their government.

Tahiri requests more empathy from the government to reunite families via the extended Humanitarian Programs but acknowledges that not everyone pursuing asylum will receive permanent protection immediately.

She added that their community is not stating that Australia is in a position to rescue everyone. Still, for individuals who are in the country, have worked and lived in this community for 10 years, and have demonstrated being precious members of society, they must offer them permanency.

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