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Permanent Residence in Canada Challenges for International Students

Permanent Residence in Canada: Challenges for International Students

Today we’ll tell you Why Permanent Residence is Not Guaranteed for International Students. So we highly suggest you to read the full blog and share.

Canada is a popular destination for international students, but securing permanent residence (PR) after graduation is not guaranteed. Despite graduating from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), students face multiple hurdles, such as gaining work experience through a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and meeting specific criteria for PR programs like the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) under Express Entry.

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Possible Paths to Permanent Residence for International Students

To improve chances of obtaining PR, international graduates must:

  • Gain Relevant Work Experience
    Secure a PGWP and accumulate work experience.
  • Target In-Demand Skills
    Focus on high-demand sectors like healthcare, STEM, and trades.
  • Enhance Language Proficiency
    Achieve high scores in English or French language tests.

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Briefly Explore Provincial Nominee Programs

Graduates should also explore Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) which may have streams targeting international students directly. Programs like the Alberta Opportunity Stream and the British Columbia International Graduate category offer alternative pathways to PR.

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