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Nova Scotia Cuts International Student Visa Quota by 35%

Nova Scotia Cuts International Student Visa Quota by 35%

Last week, Canadian authorities announced plans to reduce Nova Scotia’s international visa quota by 35% during the Province House debate over the provincial budget.

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According to Brian Wong, the Minister of Advanced Education, Nova Scotia has received 12,900 international study applications for the school year 2024-25, which is its maximum quota.

According to news sources, this number represents a drop of 7,000 applications compared to 2023. Meanwhile, the new quota is set according to the federal government’s goal of cutting international applications by 35%. The 12,000 quota will be allotted to designated learning institutes, such as universities, language schools, NSCC, and private career colleges.

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However, Minister Wong didn’t mention how the allotment would take place in schools, whether it is an equal-portion distribution or based on the current student population in the school or the number of enrolled international students.

Apparently, the authorities will determine the allocation approach by the end of March, and meanwhile, the educational institutions are also informed about the 12,900 figure.

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Canada Reduced International Student Permits by 35%

In January 2024, the Canadian government launched constraining initiatives to limit the rising number of international students, including capping the number of study permits annually issued.

IRCC focuses on decreasing the number of approved student permits to 360,000, a 35% reduction from last year.

Marc Miller, the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, stated that these moves target protecting a system that has become so fruitful that it is being misused.

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Canada Recorded Over 1 Million International Students Last Year

The number of international students with active study permits exceeded one million, reaching 1,040,985 last year. This massive figure depicted a 29% hike compared to 2022, ICEF Monitor reported, referring to the IRCC data.

Moreover, in 2023, the highest number of study permits were granted to students from:

  • India
  • China
  • The Philippines
  • Nigeria
  • France
  • Iran
  • Nepal
  • Vietnam
  • Mexico

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