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Cap On International Students Here Is The Latest Update

Cap On International Students: Latest Update

Are you a student planning to move to Canada for a better future? Well, then, it is important that you stay tuned to the latest news. This blog will tell you about the update about a cap on international students.

Reconsidering The Cap On International Students

Sean Fraser, the New Housing Minister, is reanalyzing the thought of placing a cap on international students. Even though it looks like a straightforward concept, the significant business brought by international students makes it more complex. Recently, in an interview, Fraser highlighted that providing these students adequate support and preparation of communities to help when they arrive is important.

The Need For Collaboration In Immigration Decisions

Fraser has emphasized that it is important that while making decisions for immigration, the federal government should collaborate with provincial governments and institutions. The provincial government has the responsibility to decide on the institution that will accept international students, and it should be a part of the decision-making process. According to him, even with affordable housing challenges, the arrival of these international students in Canada will put the country at an advantage in the global economy.

Future Immigration Targets And Housing Concerns

There are discussions for ambitious immigration target alterations to address Canada’s housing crisis. The 2024-2026 immigration plan will be soon revealed, and major changes are anticipated. The previous target was to bring:

  • 465,000 permanent residents in 2023
  • 485,000 permanent residents in 2024
  • 500,000 permanent residents in 2025

However, concern over Canada’s housing situation impacted by high immigration is also raised.

Balancing these policies with the housing and infrastructure capacities of the country is important even after Canada values the international students’ contribution.

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