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Is Canada Safe For Indians Right Now What Immigration Experts Say

Is Canada Safe For Indians Right Now? What Immigration Experts Say

Recently, there has been a lot of tension between Canada and India, rising concerns for potential immigrants. In this blog we will give you a brief overview.

Canada’s Stance on Immigration

Canada is still welcoming immigrants even after political tensions. An immigration attorney stated that Canada has no other option but to welcome immigrants.

The reason is that millions of Canadians will retire by 2035 which will lead to great population decline. Canada’s population growth may almost swoop to 0% by 2030 without immigrants. To support the aging population and maintain service standards’ Canada needs younger immigrants.

Safety Concerns for Indian Immigrants

The issues which have strained Canada-India relations started with Justin Trudeau and PM Modi pushed by allegations related to the incident Hardeep Singh Nijjar. However, the immigrant attorney believes the Indian immigrants should not fear.

In the coming election in two years, the current polling numbers are not in the favor of Trudeau’s government and taking any action against Indian immigrants can worsen the situation.


The process of Canada immigration stays unaffected and remains a great destination for indians even with the latest Canada news.

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