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August 28, 2022

UK Plans To Use Smartwatches & Facial Recognition for Migrants

In a recent turn of events, facial recognition smartwatches are being made compulsory to wear by the Home Office for migrants who are convicted of crime which has caused a stir among the human rights organisations and Members of Parliament. Many of the MPs have opposed this proposal which is set to be brought forth this autumn, terming it as ‘inhumane’.

The Scottish National Party MP Alison Thewliss, has strongly rejected the proposal, declaring it as ‘completely inhumane’. She further said that this new policy is a barrier to all the new migrants coming to the UK to start a new life and that she will not settle for it. She added that the bizarre movement of the Tory government is not more than causing a hindrance to all the already affected people. The MP advised the Tory government to start addressing the real issues at hand, cost of living crisis, to begin with, instead of creating bizzare and obnoxious policies making it already difficult for the Covid-hit country.

MP Alison Thewliss demanded full powers of independence at once for Scotland, to continue the influx of the refugees and make sure that nefarious policies like these are shut down once and for all.

  • Five times a day

News agency The Guardian reports in view of the documents, the obligation of wearing smartwatches comes with an added inconvenience of having to scan your face five times a day. It goes without saying that this proposal introduces the day-to-day monitoring of people subject to UK immigration controls, through an ankle tag or smartwatch that will be compulsory to wear at all times by the migrants.

Identifiable data passed on through the devices, such as photos, names , date of birth and nationalities will have a storing capacity of upto six years, whereas location data will be tracked 24/7.

It is also understood that collected data will be shared with the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the police.

This year in May, the UK government rendered a contract to British company Buddi Ltd, for ‘supporting the implementation of the Home Office Satellite Tracking Service for specific cohorts’, this innovation is estimated to cost £6 million of taxpayer’s money.

A ‘portable biometrically accessed device’ will be introduced before long and its initiation is ‘imminent’, said a spokesperson for the Home Office. After its introduction in August 2021, the Home Office has tagged over 2500 overseas criminals, ensuring the speedy deliverance of justice and will be ousted from the UK at the earliest.

Since January 2019, the government has deported over 10,000 foreign convicts. The government is so far adamant on deporting any foreign nationals who break the law, and to increase that number day-by-day.

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