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Must-Know Steps To Migrate To Australia

In today’s Blog update, let’s discuss how you can migrate to Australia.

Australia remains one of the world’s most powerful economies globally. Many individuals prefer to migrate to Australia for its diversity, incredible landscapes, and overall quality of life.

The Australian migration program does not discriminate against any applicant. It is available to any foreign national, regardless of their ethnic origin, colour, religion or gender, as long as they satisfy the criteria set out in law.

If you are a non-resident and interested in a chance to live, study and work in Australia, there are various visa options available to you, namely the student visa, sponsored work visa, skilled, and business visa.

How Can You Apply For An Australian Permanent Residency (PR)?


Your First Step Should Be Research

Collect details about the process and the correct visa category to apply. If you are uncertain, contact a migration agent to understand what needs to be done. Once you determine the ideal visa category and affirm your eligibility for an Australia PR visa, assemble all critical documents to submit when you’re invited to apply for the visa.


Holding Competent English Skills

A few visa applications demand you to demonstrate you hold competent English skills. You can confirm if you either:

Gain the relevant score in IELTS or other approved English language tests. You must have undertaken the test at least 36 months before applying for the visa.

You are a citizen of and bear a valid passport from Canada, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand or the United States. Points can be earned for Proficient or Superior English only if you attempt an approved English language test.


You must also fulfill the English eligibility criteria when you are invited to apply for the visa.


The Application

Depending on your preferred stream, you may be obligated to submit a declaration of interest and stay for an invitation before proceeding with your application. Visit the website of the Department of Home Affairs for more information about your application process.


Let’s look into further details about Australian permanent residents.

A permanent resident has most of the rights and entitlements of a citizen; however, there are differences:

A citizen has an automatic right of entry to Australia; however, if a permanent resident decides to travel internationally, they must confirm they hold a permanent visa with a valid travel authority if they desire to return to Australia as a permanent resident.

A citizen can vote in Australian Government elections, although permanent residents cannot vote in many cases. If a permanent resident was registered to vote (as a British subject) before 1984, they might stay eligible to vote.

When it comes to the eligibility for Australian government services and benefits, for both citizens and non-citizens, it is the government agency’s responsibility to uphold the policy responsibility for the service or benefit.

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