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Novak Deported From Australia

In today’s Blog update, we will talk about Novak Djokovic’s deportation from Australia after losing an appeal over a visa.

Novak Djokovic missed his appeal over his Australian visa being canceled after the court released the tennis player’s request and encountered deportation.

Three Federal Court judges supported a judgment made on Friday by the immigration minister with Djokovic ensuring his departure from the tournament at Melbourne Park while claiming to have deemed “uncomfortable” at the focus on him in the previous week. As Novak Djokovic is not vaccinated against coronavirus, he was detained in custody in Melbourne before being deported. This is a different setback for Djokovic and his aims of firming his place as the most renowned men’s player of all time in terms of most Grand Slams won, his deportation order usually has a three-year ban on returning to the country, which, at 34 years of age, could spell an end to the hope of winning in Melbourne again.

The minister cancelled the visa on the basis that Djokovic’s presence in Australia could be a hazard to the health and “good order” of the public of Australia and “may be counterproductive to efforts at vaccination by others in Australia.”

Djokovic’s visa was originally cancelled on January 6 at Melbourne’s airport, hours after he reached to participate in the first Grand Slam of 2022. After deciding Djokovic didn’t qualify for a medical exemption according to Australia’s rules for unvaccinated visitors, a border official cancelled his visa.

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