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January 15, 2022

More Working Hours Allowed For International Students

In today’s Blog update, we will share why international students are permitted to work additional hours.

International students are permitted to work additional hours to ease COVID-19 worker shortage. They can select additional hours to help relieve worker shortages as more individuals are pushed into isolation due to Australia’s Omicron COVID-19 epidemic.

Scott Morrison the prime minister of Australia proclaimed that the federal government will unleash a forty-hour two weeks limitation on student visa-holder workers, which means they no longer hold restrictions on the number of hours they work.

Last year in May, 40-hour work limitations on student visa holders were raised for individuals in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Also, PM Scott Morrison motivated international students to return to the country. Backpackers are permitted into Australia under working holidays visas if they are totally vaccinated.

Lately, a big number of workers have been retained to isolate due to a wave of COVID-19 cases which affect the manufacturing industries and food distribution with a lack of workers.

Food distribution and emergency services workers in Queensland and New South Wales who are nearest contacts can leave isolation to run to work if they do not hold any signs of coronavirus.

High-risk contacts, such as people living with a positive COVID-19 case, must take a rapid antigen test every second day until day six of their isolation period.

On Wednesday next week, Victorian workers in necessary utilities, emergency services, education, custodial facilities, transport, and cargo can be exempt from isolating as close connections, as extending an exemption that already applies to food & drinks and healthcare distribution workers.

Australia’s leading health panel recommended state and territory authorizers believe in expanding the number of workers allowed to go self-isolation.

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