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Copy of TOP 3 CHANGES IN THE UK IMMIGRATION FROM 31st January 2024 ~ Latest UK Immigration News 2024

Must-Know Changes in 2024 UK Visitor Rules & Youth Mobility Scheme

The year 2023 concluded with the UK government making further announcements on immigration changes, which would be effective on January 31, 2024. In this blog, we will be discussing the changes announced for the following:

– Visitor Rules Changes
– Youth Mobility Scheme Expansion


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Visitor Rules Changes

From January 31, 2024, individuals visiting the United Kingdom are permitted to accept certain activities under the Visitor Rules. Following are the upcoming changes that will be incorporated into the Visitor Rules:

Remote Working

Visitors are permitted to work remotely while in the UK; however, this must not be the primary reason for the visit.

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Intra-corporate Activities

If you are employed abroad and are visiting a UK group business, you will be allowed to work directly with your clients. Do note that your work with the client must be related to your overseas employment.

This cannot be equated with outsourcing work or services to their foreign employer.

Legal and Research Services

Overseas employed researchers, scientists, and academics will be permitted to carry out research as UK visitors. However, their research must correlate with the specific projects of their overseas employment.

Permission will also be extended for the activities of legal professionals. These legal services include the following:

– Arbitration/Mediation Services
– Advocacy
– Transactional Legal Services (ex: drafting contracts)
– Litigation

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Permitted Paid Engagements

Conference speakers will now be able to get paid under the newly amended list of Permitted Paid Engagements (PPE).

The standard visitor route will also include this route, which means that you will no longer require a specific PPE visa. However, you must ensure that you make arrangements before entry and complete your task within 30 days of your UK arrival.


Youth Mobility Scheme Expansion

Young individuals belonging to certain nationalities will be able to work and live in the UK under the Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS). Applicants will not require an employer’s sponsorship, and this visa could grant a stay for up to 2 or 3 years.

From January 31, 2024, Uruguayan nationals will also be eligible to apply for the YMS. Furthermore, the eligible age range for applicants will be extended from 18-30 to 18-35 for nationals of Canada, Australia, and South Korea.

Another great news is that nationals of Australia and Canada may also extend their visa for an additional year, enabling them to stay in the UK for a maximum of three years. Similar changes were previously announced for New Zealand nationals.

Japanese and South Korean nationals will no longer require an invitation to apply, and the number of visas available will also be increased.

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It is imperative for employers to guarantee that visitors to their UK-based organization are exclusively engaged in authorized activities while there.

As an applicant, make sure that you identify your business needs and choose the appropriate visa so that you can visit the UK on time and conduct your activities effectively.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on UK immigration.


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