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Australia Announces Migration Program Planning Levels For 2022-2023

The government of Australia declared the new 2022-2023 planning levels for the Migration Program. This plan will include 160,000 places, with two-thirds dedicated to the Skills Stream and one-third to the Family Stream.

The Migration Program was developed to address the pressing lack of a workforce by aiding the recovery of Australia’s economy from COVID-19 and reuniting Australians with their families.

As an aftermath, foreign citizens will have further opportunities to come into the country for residency, work, and a route to citizenship.

The Skills Visa Stream

The Skills Visa stream is planned to boost the economy and replenish labour shortages; it comprises allotments for skilled-independent, employer-sponsored, business innovation and investment, regional, state/territory nominated, global talent (independent) and distinguished talent.

How Many Places Are Allocated in This Stream?

Australia has allotted 109,900 places to the Skills Stream, which is an increment from roughly 30,000 places in 2021-2022.

Significant Increment of Places

This year, compared to 2021-22 levels, the regional visa places have more than doubled to encourage foreign citizens to settle beyond Australia’s major capitals.

Furthermore, categories that are state and territory nominated have grown significantly to permit jurisdictions the flexibility to react to their unique labour requirements.

The Skilled Independent Visas

There is a revived focus on skilled independent visas caused by the post-pandemic skills shortage in Australia. These visas authorize foreign citizens to get permanent residence without employer sponsorship if they fulfil the conditions of points (assigned based on age, education, English language skills, employment history, etc.) and obtain an invitation from the government to make a visa application.

The Family Visa Stream

The Family Visa Stream permits family reunification and offers these family members routes to citizenship. Allotments are given to partners, children, parents, and other family members.

How Many Places Are Allocated in This Stream?

Australia has allotted 50,000 places to the Family Stream to reflect its promise of family reunification.

Demand-driven Partner Visas

Partner visas will now be given on a demand-driven basis and function as same as the child visa category, which is not subject to limitations.

This will enable Australia to extend its population and improve social cohesion developments.

How Would it Impact?

Foreign citizens will find they have added opportunities to come into the country for residency,  work, and a route to citizenship.

A little knowledge about the Migration Program

The scope and composition of the Migration Program are decided every year along with the government’s budget process following consultation with state and territory governments and representatives of varied industries.

Australia’s Skills Shortage

To handle Australia’s post-pandemic skills shortage, the government has raised the number of places in the Skills Stream to sustain local businesses. The government also presented rules in November 2021 that delivered new permanent residence routes and extended visa validities to support addressing skills shortages.

The Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migration Services and Multicultural Affairs will hold on to the authority to revamp the design of the Skill stream to respond to dynamic economic conditions in 2022-2023.

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