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Aus Introduces More Visa Spots To Expand Immigration

Welcome back to our channel. Today let’s take a quick look at 3 visa streams that are included in Australia’s Migration Program.

The Australian government introduced a program plan to draw in migrants and strengthen the Australian economy.

The 2022-2023 Migration Program, which the government introduced, will permit the entrance of the following numbers of migrants into the country:

The Skilled Stream

This stream will open 109,900 spots. As per the announcement, the Skilled stream will enhance the economy’s productive capacity and supply workers to curtail the skill shortages in the labour market nationwide.


The Family Stream

This stream will open 50,000 spots and will primarily comprise Partner visas. This stream was designed to reunite overseas foreign national family members with their Australian family members while delivering a pathway to citizenship.


The Special Eligibility Stream

This particular stream will open 100 spots. It will include visas for foreign nationals in special circumstances. It will also include permanent residents coming back to Australia following a period overseas.

For further information on visa types assigned to each stream, click on the link in the description box or the comment section.

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