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Major Changes to UK Sponsor Licenses New Rule for Sponsorship in the UK

Major Changes to UK Sponsor Licenses: What You Need to Know

In a significant relief for employers and expats, the UK Home Office has announced a major change to the sponsor license renewal process. Starting April 6, 2024, the requirement to renew sponsor licenses every four years will be abolished, streamlining the process and reducing administrative burdens.

New Sponsor License Rule

From April 6, 2024, sponsor licenses will automatically be extended for ten years, eliminating the need for renewals. This change will apply to all sponsors holding valid licenses within this timeframe. Employers and educational institutions no longer need to submit renewal applications or pay associated fees every four years.

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Benefits of the New Rule

  • Extended Validity
    Sponsor licenses will now be valid for ten years without the need for renewal.
  • Cost Savings
    Employers and sponsors will save on renewal fees, which previously ranged from £536 to £1,476 depending on the organization’s size and charity status.
  • Reduced Paperwork
    The removal of the renewal process means less administrative work for sponsors.


Previous Sponsor License Requirements

Previously, sponsors had to apply for renewals 90 days before their licenses expired and pay significant fees. The processing time for renewals could take up to eight weeks, adding to the administrative burden.

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Refunds for Renewal Fees

The Home Office will refund application fees to sponsors currently in the renewal process. Sponsors should verify their license expiry dates through the online Sponsorship Management System (SMS).

Impact on Immigration

This change comes amidst broader immigration reforms under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government, which includes increasing costs for hiring overseas personnel and a notable salary requirement hike announced in December.

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The new rule on sponsor licenses is a welcome change for UK employers and educational institutions, significantly easing the hiring process for overseas talent. By extending the validity of sponsor licenses to ten years, the UK Home Office aims to reduce bureaucracy and support the employment of international workers.

Stay informed and take advantage of these new regulations to streamline your hiring processes and reduce costs.

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