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Guide to Applying for a UK Private Medical Treatment Visit Visa

How to Apply for a UK Private Medical Treatment Visit Visa

In blog video update, we’ll be talking about the UK Private Medical Treatment Visit Visa.

Planning a trip to the UK for medical treatment can seem daunting due to the complex immigration rules. This concise guide aims to simplify the visa application process, making your journey to recovery a bit easier.

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Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

Firstly, determine if you meet the Standard Visitor visa criteria. This is crucial whether you’re seeking private medical care, NHS services under certain agreements, or coming for organ donation. Ensure you understand the eligibility requirements to proceed confidently.

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Step 2: Document Preparation

Gather all necessary documents that support your application. This includes medical documentation from your healthcare provider outlining your condition and the planned treatment. Also, prepare proof of your financial means to cover your medical expenses and living costs during your stay.

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Step 3: Applying for the Visa

Apply for the Standard Visitor visa, which covers stays up to 6 months for £115, or up to 11 months for £200 if your treatment requires a longer duration. Submit your application alongside evidence of your medical needs, financial stability, and intent to return home after treatment.


Step 4: Arrival in the UK

Upon arrival, be prepared to show your passport and visa to the border officials. Adhere to all guidelines to ensure a smooth entry into the UK.

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Step 5: Extending Your Stay

If your treatment extends beyond the initial period, you may need to apply for a visa extension, which typically costs £1,000.


Understanding and preparing for these steps will help you focus on what truly matters—your health. By familiarizing yourself with the process, you can make your medical journey in the UK as stress-free as possible.

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