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April 12, 2023

Home Office To Take Drastic Measures Against Illegal Migrants In The UK

According to the recent announcement of the Home Office, the UK government will resume checking the bank accounts of individuals suspected to be living in the UK illegally. Needless to say, this measure is being taken to tackle the issue of illegal migration.



Recently, data sharing with the financial sector started, making it more challenging for illegal migrants to access financial services. Plus, no one would be able to work illegally and profit from services not meant for them.

The latest press release of the Home Office states that identifying the bank account of an illegal migrant will also help in finding evidence of illegal employment. Consequently, such bank accounts will be frozen once the Home Office has done a deep analysis to make sure that the account owner is living in the UK illegally.

Interestingly, the same policy was introduced in January 2018. However, it was suspended after a few months because of the Windrush Scandal, in which many people were wrongfully detained, deported, and denied legal rights by the Home Office.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick believes that having access to primary banking services, such as current accounts, is necessary for people living in the UK illegal to solidify their place in British society.

He further added that authorities would only share details of individuals living in the UK illegally, including the ones who somehow managed to avoid immigration control. Plus, there are several resourceful safeguards being utilized to avoid wrongful account closures.

Don’t forget that the Human Rights organization, Amnesty, opposed this decision, claiming that it will also affect migrants living in the UK legally.

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