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Good News! More Work Hours For International Students

Good News! More Work Hours For International Students

Finally, some good news for Canada’s international students! The federal government announced the extension of the policy of being able to work more than the formerly capped 20 hours per week off-campus. This extension was initially a measure taken due to labour shortages. If you are an international student in Canada, then make sure to mark the date, as this extension will only last until April 2024.

What To Expect in the Future

Students have expressed their relief over this decision, especially since this flexibility would allow them to help manage the increasing tuition and living costs. Furthermore, Marc Miller, Canada’s immigration minister, stated that the government continues to consider additional changes to the policy. This could also mean granting permission to work 30 hours per week during school terms. However, he did add that a 40-hour workweek could be irrational for students.


A Sweeping Impact

The importance of this policy is highlighted by the fact that more than 80% of Canada’s international students work over the 20-hour limit. Other than the students themselves, this decision was also appreciated by the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). The CASA stated that it is crucial support for the students, especially during the crisis of living costs in Canada.

Students have also pointed out that these policy changes could help them avert the risks of working “under the table” that they might have to rely on otherwise.

Not all seem to be happy about this policy. Some immigration consultants critique this decision, raising concerns about how it would impact the students ability to meet the requirements of full-time study and affect their eligibility for post-graduate work permit.

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In short, although the work hour limit extension could offer temporary relief for many students, it also highlights their challenges and various needs as international students.

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