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Title 42 and Immigration All You Need to Know

Everything You Should Know About Title 42

Title 42 was used by the Trump administration to control the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, but pretty soon, it caught fire. Immigration groups lobbied to have it annulled, while Republicans supported the policy by regarding it as a crucial border measure.

Government data suggests that more than 2 million migrants have been deported since the spring of 2020 by using Title 42. Moreover, the Supreme Court ruled that this policy should remain effective until valid arguments are presented before the Justices to lift it. What’s important to note here is that the repeal of Title 42 is expected to lead to increased asylum claims and more border checkpoints.

An administration official stated that Title 42 is going to be abolished on 11 May when the public health emergency ends. The same official claimed that the current administration hopes to eliminate Title 42 in an orderly fashion to avoid putting anyone’s safety at risk.

The bill was caught in the middle of Washington’s most controversial issues, which are pandemic restrictions and border security. President Biden visited the border for the first time since holding office to observe security measures, but he did not interact with the migrants.

It was previously stated by the administration that Title 42 would remain enforced till the legal battle ends, but now it claims that the policy will be lifted with the ending of the public health emergency. No one is sure about what this means for the court case.

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