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Breaking News No More ArrivalDeparture Forms I 94 and I 94W US VISA NEWS

Breaking News: No More Arrival/Departure Forms: I-94 and I-94W | US VISA NEWS

Paper Form I-94, Arrival/departure Record To Be Terminated

In this blog we are going to share with you the latest updates about the end-of-paper form I-94 arrival/departure record.

Paper Form I-94 for the arrival/departure record will no longer be issued to individuals during their arrival to the US by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the land border. The information mentioned on Form Paper I-94 will now be available on the CBP’S I-94 website and CBP one mobile application.

Paper form I-94 arrival/departure records and passport admission stamps are now becoming a practice of the past. The CBP has automated this process at land borders. However, the automated procedure for Form I-94 was already initiated several years ago for foreign nationals arriving in the US by air or sea.

Previously, non-immigrants willing to enter the United States were to receive a paper form I-94 that needed to be attached along with their passports as proof of their approval of stay in the US. It served as an official record regarding the status while living in the United States until their lawful stay in the country expired.

Stamping the date of admission in the passport of foreign nationals during their arrival in the US has also started to be eliminated by the CBP, as mentioned in several reports.

All non-immigrant individuals are needed to ensure that the information mentioned on the CBP’s website is correctly included during their arrival in the US. The information consists of their visa classification, permit for the duration of stay, etc. It’s a critical and essential process as the form I-94 can only prove that a foreign national has a permit to stay in the US. Individuals will only be needed to mention their name, date of birth, passport number, and country of citizenship while using the website.

However, in some cases, non-immigrants must enter their name several times with different formats to pull up their information. They will then be able to find their visa status and permit for the approved length of stay through the website or mobile app. Individuals will also be able to review their travel history, as the CBP site will list the list of all arrivals and departures.

Although there’s an automatic system in the CBP for correcting the errors, it’s better to reach out to its deferred inspection officer where the information was entered or send an email to the office you consider is faster. If any information is not correctly added, you must immediately reach out to your immigration counsel. In case an unreported or incorrectly mentioned duration of the stay or visa classification may lead a non-immigrant to either overstay or result in removing them from the status.

Individuals cannot extend or change their status if non-immigrants have been removed from the status without leaving the US. However, accumulating 180 days or more of an unlawful presence in the US will not only remove the individual from the status but also may subject up to three to ten years behind bars for re-entry to leave the US to apply for a visa abroad.

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