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Changes to UK Skilled Worker Visa What Employers Need to Know

Changes to UK Skilled Worker Visa: What Employers Need to Know

New Immigration Salary List (ISL) on the horizon

In April 2024, the UK will replace the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) with the Immigration Salary List (ISL) to regulate its Skilled Worker Visa salary requirements. Employers encountering skill shortages can submit verification to get included in the ISL review, which is expected to take place soon.

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Key Points

  • Rapid Review

The government has authorized a new rapid review of the updated SOL, namely the Immigration Salary List (ISL). The initial ISL would be based on evaluating roles included in the existing SOL and the list of recommended occupations in the SOL by MAC report from October 2023. This rapid review will be announced by February 23, 2024.

  • Full Review Coming Wider

The details and timing for the ISL review outlined with stakeholder engagement and data analysis will be declared.

  • Higher Salaries Expected

The current rates for existing Skilled Workers are raised to the 25th percentile (ASHE 2023) at extension or settlement. However, the new entrants face a 50th percentile threshold.

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  • Transitional Arrangements Unclear

The SOL still needs to confirm the details on discounts and salary thresholds for existing Skilled Workers.

  • New Entrant and PhD Roles Need Clarification

Regardless of the prospective influence of higher salary requirements, no policy review is declared for these groups.

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What Should Employers Do?

Employers are recommended to:

  • Prepare for higher salaries

Get equipped to pay higher for Skilled Worker extensions and settlements, even with transitional arrangements.


  • Submit evidence for ISL review

Furnish data to advocate your skill shortage experience in the full ISL review.

  • Stay informed

Observe ISL review updates and prospective changes for new entrants and PhD roles.

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