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Cap Introduced For Family Reunification Applications In Quebec

Cap Introduced For Family Reunification Applications In Quebec

In today’s blog update we’ll talk about the new regulations which talks about Family Reunification in Quebec. So we highly suggest you to read the full blog and share.

Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration has introduced a significant change affecting family reunification applications, marking a pivotal moment for prospective sponsors.

Introduction of the Cap

Effective from June 26, 2024, through June 25, 2026, Quebec will enforce a cap on family reunification applications. This measure limits the acceptance to a total of 13,000 applications from Canadian nationals and permanent residents.

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Breakdown of the Cap

The cap specifically allocates 10,400 applications for spouses, common-law partners, and dependent children aged 18 or over. Additionally, it allows for 2,600 applications for sponsoring parents, grandparents, and other eligible relatives.

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Exemptions and Considerations

Certain categories are exempt from this cap, including applications for unmarried, dependent children under 18, and those seeking to adopt minor children. Furthermore, adult children with disabilities dependent on their parents also qualify under exempt categories.

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Impact and Future Considerations

This regulation aims to manage immigration growth pressures on Quebec’s housing market effectively. Once the cap is reached, the Ministry will halt further applications, underscoring the importance of timely submissions.


This adjustment reflects Quebec’s evolving immigration policies, balancing the needs of families seeking reunification with broader societal considerations. As sponsors navigate these changes, staying informed and proactive remains crucial for successful applications.

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The introduction of this cap signals a proactive approach by Quebec to manage immigration intake responsibly. For families planning reunification in Quebec, understanding these regulations and exemptions is essential to navigating the application process smoothly and effectively.

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