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Canadian Universities opposes limits on international students

Canadian Universities opposes limits on international students

Universities in Canada Are Against Proposed Limitations on International

Addressing Housing Shortage: A Proposed Cap

The government of Canada, facing a housing problem, is thinking about limiting international students to take the wrongdoings. This move seeks to address the estimated deficit of housing units amounting to 3.5 million and projected in 2030.


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University Concerns

It seems that Canadian universities, with the support of Universities Canada, strongly oppose this initiative. They draw attention to the fact that international students play an important role in both economic and cultural aspects on campuses. These students who paid about $36,123 on school fees in the 2022- 2023 academic years are a significant source of revenue to the universities.


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Economic and Labor Contributions

The economic footprint of international students in Canada is significant. They spend about $22.3 billion per year on tuition, lodging, and other costs, as well as mitigating the labor shortage.

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Government’s Stance and Discussions

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned against accusing international students to be the cause of a real estate crisis. The government has not yet set a cap and is open to discussing approaches with universities in partnership.

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Impact and Public Opinion

There has been a fourfold increase in the number of international students in Canada since 2000. Universities and students are however worried about the proposed cap. In the meantime, the Conservative Party attacks governmental measures to cope with the housing crisis popularity.



Despite the strong opposition from universities, the consideration of a visa cap for international students by the Canadian government as an attempt to deal with the housing problem has been met. They stress the importance of student participation in contribution to financial, cultural, and labor. With the talks still going on, the government is looking for well-balanced solutions as these students are a major driving force to Canada’s economy and education system.

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