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Canada will set target for number of temporary residents for 1st time Canada Immigration News 2024

Marc Miller Seeks More Opportunities For Canadian Temporary Residents To Gain PR

Canadian Immigration Minister Marc Miller has good news for Canadian temporary residents who are seeking permanent residency (PR). He has proposed increasing “domestic draws” targeting study or work permit holders who have applied for PR and focusing on reducing strains on the housing and healthcare sectors.


These draws are PR selection rounds via specific pathways where invitations to apply (ITA) for PR are sent. For instance, in the Express Entry managed programs, the applicants are picked based on their:

  • Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores
  • Specific professional experience
  • French language ability


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Moreover, the Minister made his remarks in an all-encompassing statement that addresses the management of temporary resident numbers in Canada, focusing on reducing strains on essential sectors like healthcare and housing.

Temporary residents are people living or working in the country on a non-permanent basis, including foreign nationals on a study or work permit residing in Canada.

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Miller stated that, as part of their efforts to turn Canadian temporary residents into permanent residents, they now include more domestic draws for the federal government. He asked the territories and provinces to participate in the Provincial Nominee Program and follow the lead with their allocations.

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What Does This Mean For Canadian Temporary Residents Who Recently Entered Canada?

Miller’s announcements recommend a probable inclination towards targeting individuals already residing in Canada on study or work permits as prospective applicants for permanent residency. However, it’s significant to identify the uncertainty of the exact impact of Miller’s remarks on the policy.

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According to news sources, Canada’s immigration system has earlier depicted a tendency to favor applicants already residing there, yet this approach is not entirely new.

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the Express Entry-managed immigration programs. It serves as Canada’s particular federal route for already established candidates in the country’s job market and society.

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Similarly, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) illustrate another immigration avenue frequently targeting individuals becoming a part of Canadian society. Mainly regulated by provincial and territorial authorities, these programs often extend invitations to candidates living within their respective jurisdictions.

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