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Canada’s New Remote Work Visa for Freelancers and Digital Nomads ~ CIC News 2024

Canada’s New Remote Work Visa for Freelancers and Digital Nomads

With the goal of attracting foreign workers, the Canadian government is developing a comprehensive “tech talent strategy.” In an attempt to  move along with the evolving labour market, Canada recently announced their determination to bring a remote work visa for freelancers and digital nomads in 2024.


This programme aims to attract foreign talent by allowing individuals to work remotely while temporarily residing in the country. This would eliminate the need for them to physically visit the offices or institutions there.

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Digital nomads will be issued a specific visa and will be identified as independent contractors eligible to work anywhere in Canada. This move fits with a growing global trend of nations expediting processes and permitting remote work when they are having trouble filling positions with qualified candidates.


Formerly, the digital nomads were allowed to stay a maximum of six months on Canada’s tourist visa. However, now, the government intends to expand the workforce through the currently developing “tech talent strategy.”

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Isabelle Dubois, the spokesperson for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, has stated that they expect some digital nomads to remain in the country and contribute their skills to Canadian employers.

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Plans are underway to develop a framework that would permit entrepreneurs to apply for extended work licences, which could last up to three years. This is a step from Canada to bring in highly qualified IT professionals who excel in remote work.

More information related to this strategy will be unveiled in the upcoming months.


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According to a leading service provider’s recent analysis, the number of American digital nomads accounts for around 11% of the workforce, which is a significant rise to 17.3 million. This increase in numbers shows the likelihood of an increase in freelancing and work expected in the upcoming years and a two percent increment from 2022.

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