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Huge Canada Immigration Change for International Students CIC News Canada 2024

Canada’s Latest Immigration Makeover For International Students

In the latest updates on the world of Canadian immigration, a few noteworthy news items are released for international students. Let’s dig deeper into these latest updates.


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IRCC Scrutinizes Student Acceptance Letters

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has taken the initiative to implement a system for verifying acceptance letters of international students.

Canadian schools that are authorized to accept international students fall under Designated Learning Institutions, or DLIs. The IRCC has now introduced an online portal where such DLIs must verify and confirm the authenticity of international students’ acceptance letters that are submitted along with their visa applications.


A 10-day window will be given to the DLIs to verify these letters, and those that are fake or remain unvalidated will lead to the student visa application being canceled.

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The Launch of The Trusted Institutions Framework

Set to launch in fall 2024, the IRCC has suggested a Trusted Institutions Framework. The goal of this two-tiered study permit application process is to further protect the program’s integrity. Among the many advantages, expedited processing of study permits will be included for institutions that fall under this framework. More information on this framework is yet to be disclosed.


Expected Changes for International Students in 2024

With many pivotal changes up ahead, this year would be a game-changer for the Canadian international student program. Some of the expected changes include the following:

– Re-evaluating the 20-hour work cap
– Increment of the student’s cost-of-living requirement by $10,000 CAD
– Alterations on the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program
– Discontinuation of the policy where the time spent abroad would count towards the international students’ PGWP

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These adjustments are a reflection of the IRCC’s dedication to matching PGWP issuance and student enrollment to the demands of Canada’s workforce and population.

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