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Canada to Welcome 360,000 Students in 2024

Canada to Welcome 360,000 Students in 2024

Canada has officially disclosed its intention to limit the number of international students coming to the country. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has revealed the temporary cap on providing study visas for international students. A cap of approximately 360,000 authorized study permits is expected to be issued in 2024.


On the other hand, more than 80,000 foreign students were studying in Canada in 2022, which increased to more than 900,000 in 2023.

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Maintaining Positive Experience For International Students in Canada

Minister Marc Miller highlighted the significance of balancing the implementation of new measures to secure Canada’s Immigration System Integrity and ensure the overall positive academic experience for international students.

Moreover, Minister Miller stressed on the requirement of discussions between provincial governments and DLIs regarding concerns over the permissive DLI structure.

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Study Permit Caps Across Canada

Each province and territory will have study permit caps according to its population. This measure targets preventing the remarkable increase in international students in provinces where the surge has been unfeasible.

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Changes to the Post-Graduation Work Permits in Canada

IRCC has declared modifications to the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility criteria, which are:

  • Starting in September 2024, international students enrolling in academic programs covered by curriculum licensing agreements will no longer be eligible for the PGWP.
  • International students seeking admissions in Master’s programs, graduates and other short graduate-level programs can now apply for a three-year work permit.
  • Spouses of international students enrolled in master’s and doctorate programs will be eligible for these open work permits. However, those enrolled in lower levels of education will not be eligible.


IRCC’s Changes To The International Student Program

In December, IRCC made additional amendments to the international student program, including a three-times rise in the cost of living for international students. A Trusted Framework Agreement with DLIs is predicted to be established in 2024, ensuring accelerated study permit processing at qualified universities.

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