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Canada has relaxed PR eligibility rules under Express Entry Canada PR 2024 CIC News

Canada relaxes PR qualification for students

In today’s blog update, we’ll be discussing the latest International Student reforms in Canada.

Expanding Eligibility for Permanent Residency

The Ontario government is willing to introduce a radical amendment to OINP that it hopes will increase PR availability for overseas students. The proposed law will reform OINP by changing the basic requirements, preferably those with 12-month post-secondary diploma programs. It works together with almost 900 similar programs in Ontario public colleges so that PR becomes available to many more international students who could not easily get it.

Economic and Social Benefits

The change of immigration policy to attract more immigrants, for example, in Ontario annually being the highest of all Canadian provinces, is acknowledged, for such economic and social changes are huge and very beneficial. It is anticipated that assisting immigrants from foreign education in finding work related to their education could enhance the province’s GDP by up to $100 billion within 5 years. In 2023 Ontario intends to put forward 16,500 potential immigrants for permanent residency with an emphasis on the health sector and trades. This method is related to the province’s objective of directing skilled immigrants from unemployment to productive jobs which would solve the existing labor deficits, contribute to the economy, and promote welfare in the community.



The forthcoming amendments to the OINP in Ontario mark a vital step in the country’s immigration policy, particularly for abroad students. Ontario presents a model for other regions by making its requirements for PR more lenient in favor of focusing on the appropriate exploitation of immigrants’ abilities. Such a strategy contributes to assisting these people and also helps the overall economic state.

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