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Canada Student Visa Latest Update Jan 2024 What You Need To Know New Canada Student Visa Rules min

Canada Imposes Major Restrictions On Admission Of Foreign Students

Canada’s province – British Columbia has declared a two-year suspension on the approval of the admissions of international students to new colleges until February 2026. The intent behind this significant decision is to address concerns like the quality of post-secondary education and prevent the exploitation of international students by questionable institutions.


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British Columbia hosts a multitude of Indian students enrolled in prestigious institutions like the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Victoria. However, current initiatives by the provincial government convey stricter regulations in the education sector.


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The province aims to set a requirement for minimum language scores at private-sector educational institutions and upgrade the labor market prerequisites and degree standards. These amendments highlight the government’s commitment to escalating educational standards and protecting the interests of international students.

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The decision aligns with broader federal initiatives targeting the management of the stream of international students coming to Canada. The two-year ban on new international student permits aims to reduce enrollments by 35%. Moreover, it would enable the Trudeau government to address housing challenges amplified by population growth.

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Canada aims to drive economic development by admitting 500,000 permanent residents and 900,000 foreign students in 2023. However, this popped up challenges like a housing shortage of 345,000 units, prompting concerns regarding the sustainability of current immigration policies.

Additionally, diplomatic uncertainty between Canada and India has impacted a reduction in study permits issued to Indian students, which shows the complications of international relations and their impact on education policies.


While Canada navigates these challenges, policymakers confront the formidable task of balancing economic objectives with the need to sustain high educational standards and tackle housing shortfalls. The decisions made in British Columbia and at the federal level will outline the perspective of international education and immigration in the coming years.

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