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Canada’s Immigration System To Fully Digital Soon

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be shifting to 100 percent online applications for nearly all permanent immigration programs very soon.

The government of Canada has publicized actions to update and digitalize the application process for people looking for permanent residency. The new online service was started by the Minister of Immigration, Sean Fraser.

The reasoning behind this complete transition is to effectively tackle the issue of application backlogs and to increase the processing capacity. The transition will be made in gradual steps.

From September 23 this year, the IRCC will be digitalising the application process for programs such as the following:

  • The Provincial Nominee Program (non-Express entry);
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, sponsoring an eligible relative; and
  • Sponsoring a dependent child, among others.

After this, on 7 October, the programs slated to be digitalised include Quebec-selected investors and Quebec-selected entrepreneurs. This shift will be completed on 28 October.

While discussing the initiative taken by the immigration department of the Canadian government, the Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser stated that as they look to strengthen their immigration system by updating the technology, people and their clients should be at the centre.

He further added that by adding resources where they should be, taking advantage of the technology to make processing quicker and creating ease for their clients, Canada can give newcomers and new citizens the welcome they are deserving of.

Additionally, the Immigration Minister also noted that the department has recruited 1,250 new employees to deal with the accumulated processing backlogs.

The department also publicized that the candidates for permanent and temporary residence who are already present in Canada and meet certain benchmarks will be waived from the immigration medical examination condition.

Per the government, the streamlining and digitalization of the application process in the following weeks will have a positive impact on around 1,80,000 clients by helping them save time and money.

It will also help the department cut back on wait times. Moreover, the immigration department is working towards being more transparent by providing more authentic information such as the approximate time of the application process, and predictability, among others.

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