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September 14, 2022

1 Million Job Openings In Canada

Canadian employers are seeking to employ foreign workers. They are looking for foreign nationals who have migrated to Canada to employ them in different positions. The June 2022 report of Payroll Employment, Earnings and Hours, and Job Vacancies published by Statistics Canada noted that there is an increase in the amount of workers in paid jobs and the amount of job positions.

June 2022 Job Vacancies:

In June 2022, the amount of job vacancies rose by 3.2 percent and the total number of job openings was 1037900. The total number of filled and open positions rose to 17.7 million. In May 2022, the job vacancies increased by 1.4 percent and total sum of recruited and vacant positions was 1,526,000.

Creation Of Jobs In June:

Various jobs have been created in June 2022. The amount of jobs produced by the service sector is 88,000.

The only service sector where job creation was reduced to 3,900 was the public and administration sector.

In the area of goods-production, the amount of labour added in the construction companies was 7,800 while in mining, quarrying and oil and gas companies, the number of labourers recruited was 1,900.

Amount Of Job Openings In The Healthcare Sector:

The number of vacancies for jobs in the healthcare sector in June 2022 is 43,400 which is more compared to June 2021. Due to the relaxation in the limitations implemented because of COVID-19, people started to visit Canada and the sector is going through labor shortages. In June, the amount of job openings in the accommodation and food service sector was 171,700 and year over year the number of positions was 48,000. The details have been disclosed by Statistics Canada.

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