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Biometrics Fee To Be Exempted For I-539 Applicants

Hello everyone! An exception for the biometrics service fee for all I-539 applicants after October 1 has been announced by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.



Key Points:

  • There will be no need to pay the $85 biometrics service fee for I-539 applicants. The Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status application can be submitted on October 1 or afterward.
  • If you filed your I-539 prior to October 1, you are still scheduled for a biometrics appointment and must attend it.
  • If you have filed the application after October 1, the requirement for your biometrics may be determined by USCIS, and a notice will be sent to you beforehand.

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‌Additional Information:

If you submit the biometric service fee with the Form I-539 fee by mistake, then here is what you should do according to the method of payment:

  • The fee will be returned by USCIS if the service fee and filing fee are submitted separately. The I-539 form will be accepted.
  • USCIS will take the filling as incorrect and reject the Form I-539 if the biometric services fee and filing fee are combined for a paper-based Form I-539.
  • If the payment is made by credit card for both the service and application fee, then USCIS will accept the form and take the charged fee only.

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