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November 24, 2022

Bad News For Australian Students

50% of Student Visa Applications from India Declined by Australia in 2022

Today we are going to discuss the decline of student visa applications in Australia in 2022.

Australia declined student visa requests of students from India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal for vocational to higher education.

The international visa for vocational students in India, Pakistan, and Nepal has been reduced to less than one in four. The visa authorities of Australia are worried about the authenticity of these students, reports show.

For most of this year, the visa granting rates have been less than 50 per cent for vocational education students.

The student applications approved for vocational study were only 3.8 per cent, out of over 900 students that is only 34 students.

As of the past few months, the number of Indian students studying in Australia was 96,000, the second largest after China.

The high-degree inspection of oversea VET applicants by Australian Immigration Authorities accounts for the high refusal rates.

The success rate declined in higher education too, dropping to 57 percent for Pakistani students, and 56 percent for Indian students. Students from Nepal were able to get only 15 percent of visas in vocational visas and 33 percent of higher education visas.

Clare O’Neil, the Home Affairs Minister of Australia recently referred immigration system as clunky, expensive and not just working.

She has notified that Martin Parkinson, the former treasury secretary, consultant John Azarias, and lawyer Joanna Howe will have a review of the immigration system.

A registered migration agent disclosed that a considerable number of visas are refused on the basis of unauthentic entrants without appropriately thinking about the conditions of genuine students who are planning to study in Australia.

The government of Australia is working to sort out the delays in visa processing by hiring more staff and redistributing the workload of processing.

Additionally, the higher education regulatory system of the Australian, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has alerted Australian institutions to inspect the work of their agents and the international students they are registering.

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