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Skilled Visa Processing Priorities – Immigration And Citizenship

Skilled Visa Processing Priority Order – Australian Immigration

In today’s blog, we are sharing the visa processing priority list for Skilled Visa Applications.

The Government of Australia has recently released an order in which it will process various visa application types.

Below are the prioritization list of Skilled Visa Applications:

  1. Healthcare and teaching occupations
  2. Employer-sponsored visas

These are visa applications where the applicant is nominated by an approved sponsor with Accredited Status

  1. Any occupation that is to be carried out in a designated regional area
  2. Application falling under permanent and provisional visa subclasses

They include visas that count toward the migration program, excluding Subclass 188 (Business Innovation and Investment, Provisional) visas.

Also, the authorities will give priority to visa applications in this category to primary applicants located outside Australia when the application is submitted.

It must be noted that skilled visa applications other than these categories are being processed in order of their submission date.

You must also understand that priority processing lists are complex and these modifications do not alter last year’s lists considerably. Therefore, processing times will not be considerably altered.

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