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2024 Green card Backlog predictions and end of year summary 134 Years Wait Expected! min

US Green Card Backlog: 134 Years Wait For Indians

The path for permanent residency in the US for Indians seems to be stretching into decades of frustration. The American dream is entangled with an endless waiting period for Indians, and a recent study is here to prove this harsh reality. An excruciating waiting period of 134 years for green cards has left people to ponder whether their dream of living in the US will ever become a reality.


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This astonishing number of years comes from the staggering backlog of 1.8 million green card applications, of which 63% are made by Indians. Even the applications that have made it to the queue have to face an agonizing waiting period. It’s simply mind-numbing to realize that more than 400,000 Indians would pass away before even getting their hands on the green cards.


The Reason Behind The Green Card Nightmare

There are a few factors that play a role in this issue, including country caps that restrict the number of green cards granted to citizens of any particular country. Another factor remains the continuous caps on green cards for immigration based on employment. Such restrictions, in addition to the growing demand for India’s green cards, have riled up a storm of delays and disappointment.

The repercussions of this extended waiting period have impacted lives, causing separation from loved ones and the stalling of careers. Let’s not forget the impact on the emotional well-being of the Indian applicants, where feelings of uncertainty and frustration play havoc on their minds.

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However, not all is doom and gloom; there is a silver lining. Advocacy groups are endlessly lobbying for amendments to the immigration system. They are pushing for efficient processing and increased quotas for green cards.

Alternatively, new visa categories, such as the EB-5 visa for investors, which was recently introduced, offer some a substitute pathway to permanent residency.


Although at present the wait for the green cards would feel like an eternity, the continued measures towards reform and unwavering determination could make this dream a reality.

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