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Australia's Future CSOL for the Skills In Demand in 2024

Australia’s Future CSOL for the Skills In Demand in 2024

In today’s video update, we’ll be navigating the Changing Landscape of Australia’s Employer-Sponsored Visas.


Proposed Changes: Making Employer-Sponsored Visas More Beneficial

Australia is proposing significant changes to make employer-sponsored visas more favorable for applicants.

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Flexibility in Employer Selection

Applicants who switch employers will no longer lose their accrued visa eligibility period, which will be cumulative regardless of the employer. This reduces exploitation and allows a fair pathway to permanent residency.

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Extended Transition Period

The transition period for applicants to find a new employer has been extended from 60 to 180 days, with uninterrupted work rights, ensuring applicants have ample time to secure new sponsorship.

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Public Registry of Approved Sponsors

A new public registry will identify approved sponsors, highlighting the roles they’ve sponsored previously. This transparency aims to reduce ambiguities and help applicants identify genuine sponsorship opportunities.

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Skill Occupation Lists: What’s Changing?

Changes in The Skill Occupation Lists

  • Core Skill Occupation List (CSOL)
    Integral to the new Skill in Demand visa, CSOL ensures market-tested roles remain vital for sponsorship.
  • Off-List
    Outdated occupations no longer in demand will be removed to align with current market needs.
  • Discussion List
    Industry feedback will shape which occupations stay or go, ensuring responsiveness to economic trends.

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