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485 Visa

Australia Proposes New Age Limit For 485 Visa

The government of Australia has been making changes to their immigration system; however, a recent change has sparked a debate among potential immigrants. It seems the Australian government has proposed a new change for the 485 visa category – a 35-year age limit. The issue raised is that, if this policy is implemented, the eligibility of skilled workers who are interested in gaining Australian permanent residency will be highly affected.

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Understanding The Proposed Age Limit

Australia’s 485 visa permits temporary residency for skilled workers, allowing them to live and work in the country for up to four years. This visa also grants them a route to permanent residency.

This route, much preferred by potential skilled worker applicants, is now facing a significant change to its age eligibility, limiting the visa to applicants under the age of 35. According to the proponents, this change is brought forward considering the possibility of a longer contribution from younger workers to the Australian economy. Furthermore, they suggest that younger workers could address the country’s skills shortages in various sectors.

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However, the opponents of this debatable proposal state that this policy would be unfair and discriminatory towards older workers who have vast experience and valuable skills to offer. In addition, concerns were also raised about the proposal’s probable impact on families and businesses.

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The Outcome of The New Age Limit

With the implementation of this proposal, individuals who are 35 and over will be required to look into substitute pathways like partner visas or employer sponsorship to gain permanent residency.

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Another possibility is that immigrants may prefer choosing other countries with favourable immigration policies, leading to a drop in Australian skilled migration numbers. Furthermore, businesses that depend on skilled migrants could face difficulties filling job vacancies.


However, the debate on this proposed policy continues, and it remains uncertain if it will be implemented. The government of Australia is currently taking in feedback from the public regarding the proposal.

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