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Australian Visa Rejection Rates Spike as Universities Withdraw Admission Offers

Australian Visa Rejection Rates Spike as Universities Withdraw Admission Offers

Australia’s new immigration setting is obstructing international students, as numerous are confronting visa rejections, and some universities are even canceling offers because of visa refusal concerns. It triggers anxiety and monetary loss for students, and the Australian government is facing condemnation for handling the situation terribly.


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The new migration setting, effective from July 2023, requires international students to hold a job offer that pays a certain salary threshold, which can be back-breaking for graduates in some fields. It makes acquiring visas more challenging for international students after graduation.


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The visa rejection rates for international students have surged due to the new setting. The rejection rate, which was 22% in the first half of 2023, has increased to 40%, triggering anxiety among students as they’re uncertain regarding their stay in Australia after graduation.

Some universities are worsening the situation by nullifying offers to students they think are uncertain to get visas, even if they meet all the academic admission requirements.

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The Australian government justifies their new migration settings as essential for guarding Australian jobs. According to critics, these settings are unjust for international students and sabotage Australia’s reputation as a welcoming educational destination.

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Therefore, awareness of Australia’s new migration settings and resulting complexities in visa acquisition is vital for international students seeking admission to Australian universities. Additionally, it is better to understand that some universities may cancel admission offers to students who they think are unexpected to get visas.

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