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Australia Ends Two Year Extension of Post Study Work Rights for International Students

Australia Ends Two-Year Extension of Post-Study Work Rights for International Students

Australia has introduced changes to the post-study work rights for international students. This crucial policy shift affects their stay in the country after completing their education. This initiative focuses on refining the migration strategy and ensuring the quality of international education in Australia.


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Policy Reversal

Formerly, the Australian government increased the duration of post-study work visas, enabling undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students in selected programs to stay for up to 4-6 years, depending on their level of study. However, the recent policy changes will revert the duration to the original 2-3 years. This change depicts the government’s comeback to the advancing economic environment and its commitment to sustaining the integrity of the international education sector.

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New Measures and Requirements

Various initiatives have been launched by the Australian Department of Education to consolidate the post-study work pathway, including:

●     Introduction of the Genuine Student Test:

It replaces the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement and ensures that the visa system is utilized primarily for study purposes.

●     Stricter Visa Application Regulation:

To control the number of applications for student visas, the government has raised the required English language test scores and reduced the list of approved courses.

●     Adjusted English Language Requirements:

The IELTS score for the Temporary Graduate visa has been raised from 6 to 6.5.

●     Lowered Age Limit:

The applicant’s age limit is dropped from 50 to 35 years to curb the extension of post-study work rights to those who have completed their education in a regional area.

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Impact on Migration Strategy

The Australian government has initiated these changes as part of a broader strategy to restrict the number of migrations to the country while confronting the challenges faced by the migration system. This move ensures the effective contribution of foreign graduates to filling the skill shortages within the country.


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The current measures taken by Australia mark a crucial shift in the country’s approach to immigration and international education. With these changes enacted, the Australian government tries to balance international students’ needs with the country’s workforce requirements.

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