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6 Big Changes UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer wants to fix in his first month

6 Big Changes UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer Wants To Fix in His First Month

Today’s blog talks about Keir Starmer’s Immediate Priorities as UK Prime Minister. This blog will definitely change your life so we highly suggest you to read the full blog and share.

As the newly elected Prime Minister, Keir Starmer has laid out his key priorities to address the urgent issues facing the UK. His immediate focus includes reforming immigration policies, resolving ongoing NHS strikes, tackling the prisons crisis, initiating planning reforms for housing, improving relations with devolved nations, and rebuilding the UK’s relationship with the EU. These topics highlight Starmer’s commitment to enacting significant changes and addressing the nation’s most pressing challenges.

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Key Topics Discussed in Today’s Update


Immigration Reforms

UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer wasted no time in addressing immigration issues. His first move was to scrap the controversial Rwanda immigration scheme, which cost millions without deporting a single person. Starmer plans to introduce a Border Security Bill in his first King’s Speech, aimed at curbing small boat crossings and enhancing border security.

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Resolving NHS Strikes

The NHS is a critical concern for Starmer’s administration. Health Secretary Wes Streeting has already initiated discussions with the British Medical Association (BMA) to end the ongoing pay dispute with junior doctors. Starmer aims to deliver an additional 40,000 appointments, scans, and operations weekly, while also considering input from former Health Secretary Alan Milburn to reduce NHS waiting lists.

Addressing the Prisons Crisis

England and Wales face a prisons crisis, with occupancy rates nearing full capacity. Starmer’s strategy includes maintaining the early-release scheme and appointing James Timpson as prisons minister to review sentencing and reduce reoffending rates. This approach aims to alleviate overcrowding and enhance the effectiveness of the prison system.

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Planning Reform for Housing

Starmer is set to overhaul the planning system to expedite major infrastructure projects. His administration has committed to building 1.5 million new homes, focusing on brownfield and grey belt sites. This ambitious plan is expected to drive significant changes in housing development, leveraging Labour’s majority in the House of Commons.

Improving Relations with Devolved Nations

Starmer’s four-nations tour underscores his commitment to resetting relations with Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. He aims to establish constructive working relationships and address regional challenges, including NHS issues in Wales and trade barriers in Northern Ireland.

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Rebuilding EU Relations

Starmer seeks to reset the UK’s relationship with the EU. He has initiated discussions with European leaders to enhance economic cooperation and reduce trade friction. This includes negotiating a veterinary agreement to smooth post-Brexit trade.


Starmer’s swift actions reflect his dedication to addressing the immediate and pressing issues facing the UK, setting a proactive tone for his premiership.

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