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IRCC Announces Cap on International Student Permits

IRCC Announces Cap On International Student Permits

The recent study permit restrictions introduced by the federal government are now impacting international students. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) declared significant initiatives to cap the number of study permits granted to international students in 2024 to 360,000, cutting it to 35% from 2023.

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This cap will be further spread on a provincial level according to population size. It depicts that provinces with a higher international student proportion, like Quebec, will face a more significant reduction in international student enrollment.

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The IRCC Minister, Marc Miller, justified this change by citing the increasing number of students submitting study permit applications. Today, international students make up 2.5% of all Canadian residents, double the number observed 5 years ago, impacting housing, health care, and other services. He justifies these moves as essential for securing a profitable system as it has opened a path for abuse.

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Recently, a news source discussed these moves with the IRCC concerning the intentions of the federal government to control the provincial caps on international students. The IRCC Media Relations Office refers to the ratio of permanent residents to international students in a province while explaining its main concern of the allocation matching with a province’s per capital share of the population.

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As a response to the unexpected change in international student rules, the IRCC Media Relations Office stated that these changes aim to ensure the success of international students arriving in Canada while handling the issues that make some students vulnerable.

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