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Work in the UK Without a Job Offer With These Visas

Migrants across the world who are in search of new opportunities find the United Kingdom the ideal destination. With an ethnic mosaic, rich history and a thriving economy, it’s a country that could entice any individual who wish to open new doors in life.

When planning to come to the UK, there’s one common question that often pops up, “Can I come to the UK without a job offer?” So in today’s blog we’ll be answering this question and also looking into other available options for those who wish to work in the UK without a job offer.



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Skilled Worker Visa

Formerly known as the Tier 2 visa category, the UK’s Skilled Worker visa is one of the most popular among foreign nationals planning to work in the country. However, an applicant for this visa category would require a job offer from an UK employer who is a licensed sponsor.


On the bright side, the UK recently introduced the Points-Based System (PBS) which was created to to appeal to skilled workers. Although having a job offer is a key requirement for this visa, the PBS can make it a bit more flexible. This is because, th score system would evaluate factors including:

  • English proficiency
  • Salary
  • Qualifications

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Global Talent Visa

Do you consider yourself as a leader in fields such as engineering, science, humanities, digital technology or the arts? Then, the Global Talent visa could be your perfect option.

This is a route where a job offer is not required. This visa category solely focuses on your skills and achievements. But remember, this category may not require a job offer, but, you would require a recognized UK body on your respective field to endorse you.


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Student Visa and Graduate Visa

Want to work while studying? Then, this might be an option for you to explore. As a student visa holder, you would be able to work part-time during studies and full-time on the holidays. You could also make a switch to a Graduate visa without a job offer once you complete your studies.


We do, however, suggest to all aspiring applicants to research their specific visa category, requirements, and policy changes thoroughly. You could also seek professional advice from registered immigration experts or legal advisers to make your plans to work in the UK successful.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on UK immigration.


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