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UK Government to allow 100,000 migrants to apply for asylum! It's UK AMNESTY 2024!

UK’s New PM To Allow 100,000 Migrants To Apply To Stay In UK

Labour’s proposed changes to immigration policy have ignited a heated debate, particularly concerning the fate of asylum seekers stranded in bureaucratic limbo within the UK. Former chief immigration officer Kevin Saunders offers insights into the implications of Labour’s stance, shedding light on the complexities of the issue.

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Stay informed as we delve into the details of Labour’s immigration proposal and its potential ramifications for asylum seekers and UK immigration policy.

Overview of the Asylum Seekers Issue

Labour aims to address the plight of 52,000 asylum seekers who were previously unable to claim asylum due to Tory legislation. These individuals arrived irregularly and faced the prospect of being sent to third countries.

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Labour’s Policy Shift on Asylum Visas

Under Labour’s new stance, these asylum seekers would now be eligible to claim asylum within the UK, potentially adding to the existing processing backlog.

Impact on Processing and Waiting Times

This shift could significantly increase the processing backlog, raising concerns about extended waiting times for asylum decisions.

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Comparison with Conservative Policies on Asylum Visas

In contrast, the Conservatives had plans to fast-track asylum applications for individuals from specific countries like Afghanistan, Iran, and Yemen, where return agreements are challenging.


Debate Over the Term “Amnesty”

Although neither party embraces the term “amnesty,” Kevin Saunders acknowledges that Labour’s approach bears similarities to an amnesty, allowing eligible individuals to regularize their status in the UK.

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Political Accountability and Decision Making on Asylum Visas

Saunders suggests that blame for the current situation cannot be solely attributed to either party, as each has approached the issue differently. The complexities of asylum policy highlight the challenges and responsibilities involved in immigration reform.


Labour’s proposal seeks to provide asylum seekers with a pathway to legal status within the UK, but the implications for processing and policy implementation remain critical considerations in ongoing immigration debates.

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