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New Changes To UK Spouse Visa Family Visa & Work Visa From January 2024 UK Dependant Visa 2024 Rule

UK To Bring NEW Changes To Family and Work Visas

In the ever-evolving world of UK immigration, here comes another update. Today we’ll be looking at the latest migration rule changes for family and work visas. Here are the highlights that we’ll be covering today:

  • Skilled Worker Visa Minimum Salary Threshold
  • Spouse/Partner Visa Income Threshold
  • Social Care Workers Minimum Salary Threshold

The migration rule changes for family and work visas will be effective in April 2024. So don’t forget to mark your calendars.

Skilled Worker Visa Minimum Salary Threshold

The current minimum salary threshold for Skilled Worker visas is £25,600. The UK government has announced an increment to the number, and applicants will be looking at a minimum salary requirement of £30,000. This significant increase could be more tough on businesses when seeking overseas skilled workers for recruitment.


Spouse/Partner Visa Income Threshold

Another significant increase is to be expected on the income threshold for a spouse/partner visa. The current income requirement of £18,600 will increase to £22,400. So, if you are a partner or a spouse of a UK citizen who is planning to go through this visa route, you will need to meet this requirement to be eligible.

Social Care Workers Minimum Salary Threshold

The UK government has also announced disheartening news for social care workers. Since the minimum salary of a care worker is less than the new threshold of £30,000, skilled care workers will not be eligible to bring over their dependents to the UK.

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Additional Changes

These aren’t the only changes that were announced by the UK government. Let us take a brief look at a few more immigration changes that we can expect in the future.

  • New highly-skilled workers visa route
  • New points-based system for skilled workers
  • New visa route for entrepreneurs
  • New visa route for graduate students

How Would These Changes Impact?

These new changes to immigration could have a high impact on families and businesses. How? Businesses could face challenges when recruiting overseas skilled workers, and families could face separation if they are unable to meet the conditions for the new income thresholds.

Will these changes affect you or your family? Then, make sure to consult professional advice for information and guidance according to your specific conditions.

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