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UK's Newest policy New Problems for International Students in UK Study in UK 2024

UK Students Must Get Top Grades or Leave The Country

The UK government is leaving no stone unturned to cut back on net migration numbers. The country has hit a record-high net migration level of 300,000, resulting in James Cleverly asking the migration committee to assess the graduate plan as a part of a five-point plan.

The government’s adviser has also stated that if foreign students fail to attain high grades, they could be barred from staying in the UK under the two-year graduate visa.

Did you know that in the year to June 2023, over 98,000 foreign students were granted a two-year visa that permits them to stay in the UK after graduation? This was a staggering increment of 42,000 (74%) in just a year.


On top of that, only a meager 0.7%, which is less than 1 in 100 applications, were refused.

Since the two-year stay does not require taking up employment, there are concerns that students often use this opportunity as an improper route to work in low-skilled jobs.

The chairman of the Migration Advisory Committee, Professor Brian Bell, stated that they would want to review the graduate route and assess if it is possible to place a rule for a requirement of certain grades or achievements.

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He further added that the committee would also explore whether there should be additional restrictions, such as that foreign students must have attended certain universities, complete specific courses, or include limitations on specific job types and activities.

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