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UK Releases More Changes To The Net Migration Reduction Policy

UK Releases More Changes To The Net Migration Reduction Policy

If you have been following the immigration updates in the UK, then you must be familiar with the net migration policy. It seems, now, that further information has been released by the government regarding this change.



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New Salary Threshold For Skilled Workers

In a bid to manage the net migration numbers in the UK, a new salary threshold for Skilled Workers will be implemented in April 2024. The new threshold would be a rise from the current £26,200 to £38,700 and would align with the median level for Level 3 or above jobs included in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). This rise in the salary threshold implies an increase in salaries and costs related to immigration for employers.

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Immigration Rule Uphaul in the Social Care Sector

From the beginning of this year, senior carers and carers will not be permitted to bring any dependants. Furthermore, to curtail the inflow of dependants through the five-year Partner route, the government plans to initially raise the minimum income requirement to an initial £29,000.

However, a few uncertainties still remain, especially regarding the new labour market jobs and entrants that require a PhD. Further information is expected to be released soon. Amidst all these changes, a silver lining does exist for Health and Care visa applicants and education workers. The increment in the new salary threshold will not be applied to them.


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With the upcoming general election potentially having an impact, the government’s response to high net migration figures is clearly reflected in these policy updates. These policy changes, especially the increments in immigration costs and salary thresholds, affect employers significantly. It is possible that we will witness further changes in the future, depending on the evolving political and economic landscape.

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