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UK Plans To Pay Asylum Seekers To Move To Rwanda

UK Plans To Pay Asylum Seekers To Move To Rwanda

Apart from the Rwanda bill, the UK government has a stalled plan to forcefully deport most asylum seekers to the African country. Specifically, asylum seekers with rejected applications will be paid up to £3,000 to move to Rwanda.

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To eliminate a backlog of tens of thousands of asylum seekers facing denial of staying in the UK,  the ministers came up with this scheme, which was partly struck with Rwanda. Because of their unsafe origins, these asylum seekers cannot be deported back to their countries. So, these people are offered monetary support to leave the UK by extending an existing policy.

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Despite reports from rights groups on political injustice, the UK government considers Rwanda a safe destination for these asylum seekers. If they accept to move to Rwanda, they will be paid under this new extension. Furthermore, the Home Office says the UK removed 19,000 people voluntarily last year.

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According to a statement by the Home Office, they are conducting voluntary relocations to Rwanda for people with no rights to be there.

The rejected asylum seekers are ineligible to work legally in the UK. Still, they would be allowed to do so in Rwanda. Moreover, the deportation plan for 2022 makes them eligible for five years of additional support.

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Unlawful Plans

The government formulated this scheme last year while struggling with legal disputes over the Rwanda bill.

The scheme was formulated as the government grappled with legal challenges to the Rwanda Bill, which was adjudicated unlawful by the UK’s Supreme Court last year for violating British and international human rights laws.

Ahead of the scheduled national election in the second half of this year, Sunak stated that he wishes the first deportation flights to depart within the next few months.

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