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UK Opens 3,000 Visa Slots for Indians Through Ballot System

UK Opens 3,000 Visa Slots for Indians Through Ballot System

The UK has introduced the India Young Professionals Scheme, offering 3,000 visas for Indian professionals through a ballot-based system without charging any extra fee.


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This scheme was declared by the British High Commission in India, which targets Indian citizens aged 18-30 and enables Indian professionals to live, work, or study in the country for up to two years. Furthermore, there is no fee to enter the ballot system. However, the visa cost of £298 (approximately INR 31,100) would be payable.

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According to a statement on the UK government’s website, in 2024, 3,000 slots will be allocated for the India Young Professionals Scheme, most of which will be opened on the February ballot. However, the remaining slots will be opened in the July ballot.

From February 20, 2:30 pm India Standard Time, to February 22, the ballot window was opened, enabling the eligible applicants to pursue their careers in the UK.

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The British High Commission in India posted on X that:

Indian graduates who wish to live, work, or study in the UK for up to two years can enter the ballot to avail the opportunity to apply for a visa.

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According to the rules of the UK government, all the eligible candidates must furnish specific information to enter the ballot. Moreover, they are recommended to meet the financial, educational, and other requirements before submitting their visa applications.

The successful candidates will be chosen randomly from the ballot and will receive an email within two weeks after the ballot closes.

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The UK government website reported that:

Successful candidates will have 90 days from the date of email to

  • Submit online application
  • Pay the visa application fee, including the immigration health surcharge
  • Furnish their biometrics


If you have missed the first ballot of the 2024 Young Professionals Scheme, don’t worry! Keep following this space, we will update you once the details of the next ballot are published.

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