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UK Immigration Population To Reach 6 1 Million Hike By 2036 ~ UK Immigration News 2024

UK Immigration Forecast: Population Will Witness A 6.1 Million Hike By 2036

According to official projections, 6.1 million immigrants would be added to the UK population by mid-2036. These projections are building pressure on British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak over a delicate issue in the run-up to an election.


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Recently, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) forecasted a rise in the UK population, almost entirely impelled by immigrants, from 67 million in mid-2021 to 73.7 million in mid-2036.

Migration has raised a dominant political concern in Britain and will prominently figure in the national vote later this year. Sunak’s ruling Conservatives are predicted to lose power in opinion polls.

Additionally, over the 15 years, the estimated jump mirrors a projection of 541,000 more births than deaths, the ONS said.

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According to the statistics unveiled in November, net migration to the UK skyrocketed to 745,000 in 2022 and has remained elevated since. The ONS projections expect a net migration level of 315,000 people annually from the year ending mid-2028 onwards.

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Sunak’s government declared stricter visa measures to drop numbers last month, like higher salary thresholds and restrictions on bringing in family members.

This initiative was condemned by businesses and trade unions, saying it would not be productive for the private sector or the state-run health service, both of which are persistently affected by labor scarcity.

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The Home Office scheduled the curbs’ implementation to lower the number of migrants by 300,000 compared to last year. On February 19, it is expected to lay new rules enforcing from March 11, intending to remove the right for care workers to bring dependents.

On March 14, the rules would be laid down, enforcing on April 4, to increase the minimum earnings threshold for skilled workers by 48% to £38,700 ($49,000).


According to Home Secretary James Cleverly, this would be a firm approach, nonetheless fairer as it would offer those affected time to prepare as the migration levels come down.

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