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UK Graduate Immigration Route: A Guide for International Students

In today’s blog update, we will be taking a look at the UK Graduate Visa.

Revived Opportunity: Rebooted in 2021, the UK Graduate Immigration Route enables Indian graduates as well as many other Indian researchers to do post-study work in the UK.

Flexible Work Options: It differs from the Skilled Worker route as it enables job switching, voluntary work, and becoming an employee. It also allows for travel outside the UK, with subsequent return to the country.

Eligibility Criteria: It is offered to graduates of accredited UK higher educational institutions with valid Tier 4 or student visas. Dependents can also apply.

Duration and Transition: Two years for bachelor/master degree holders, and three years for a doctorate degree holder. They don’t lead to the settlement directly but holders could proceed to Skilled Worker visas.

Fees and Healthcare Surcharge: They will be required to part with at least £700 for the application fee, which is inclusive of a healthcare surcharge for non-NHS or specialized care jobs.


Effectiveness of some policy attempts and the impact on Indian students.

Policy Tweaks by Suella Braverman: The former home secretary, who suggested cutting down the period from two years to six months and skill job for a work visa was not implemented.

Significance for Indian Students: This is apparent with the increased sponsorship of study visas to Indian natives.

The UK Graduate Visa gives international graduates in the UK many opportunities within the tight immigration controls and international talent attraction.

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