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UK Govt Takes Steps Towards The Biggest Ever Cut In Migration

UK Govt Takes Steps Towards The Biggest-Ever Cut In Migration

With the goal of reducing migration to its lowest level ever, the UK is making major reforms to its immigration laws. The plan includes increasing the salary threshold for the skilled worker visa by 48% (AUS$ 38,700), eliminating the Shortage Occupation List, and scrapping the 20% salary discount for shortage occupations.

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The UK Home Office stated that they have taken action to stop undercutting British workers. These actions include the following:

  • Crucial changes to the Skilled Worker route, such as a major expansion of supplementary employment permission
  • Increasing the general salary thresholds for the various tradeable points options
  • Adding tradeable points options to protect individuals under transitional arrangements.

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Effective April 4, 2024, the Immigration Salary List, without a 20% going rate discount for ISL occupations, will replace the Shortage Occupation List (SOL).

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According to Bloomberg, since net migration set a record last year, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is facing mounting pressure from his party’s right wing to reduce it ahead of an anticipated election later in the year.

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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that by mid-2036, immigration will have added 6.1 million people to the population of the United Kingdom. From 67 million in mid-2021 to 73.7 million in mid-2036, the population will grow almost entirely due to migration.

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Sunak’s government is implementing new visa rules to limit overseas care workers, including Indians, from bringing dependents to the country. This move aims to tackle the disproportionate situation in which 100,000 workers brought 120,000 dependants on the care visa route last year.

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